God At Eventide -July 4


July 4 – Break Free

For by whom a man is overcome . . . he is the slave.

I cut the bonds of sin which bound you to evil. With loving Hands I replaced each with my cords of Love, which bound you to Me, your Lord.

The power of evil is subtle. A cut cord, a snapped cord, would awaken your slumbering conscience, but strand by strand, so carefully, with gentleness cunningly acquired, evil works until a cord is free. Even then the work is slow, but oh, so sure, until presently the old bond I severed is binding you to evil, strand by strand.

Snap off these returning fetters. Satan hath desire to have you that he may sift you as wheat. He works with an efficiency My servants would do well to copy. He has marked you as one who will increasingly bring souls to Me.