God At Eventide – August 27


August 27 – One Spirit-led Family

Have no fear. Wonders unfold.

In this Life or in the Larger Life, the lesson is the same — the absorption of My Spirit — living, thinking, and acting in My Spirit until others are forced to see and recognize its Power and claims.

Does this mean loneliness for My Follower? Nay, rather, though you, the human-self-you has no recognition, the real you, transformed by My Spirit, shares in all that fullness of operation and resultant Joy.

You are no isolated being but one of a mighty Spirit-led family, partaker of all the family’s well-being, cooperative in every act of each member, sharer of the blessing of each.

A foretaste this of Heaven’s oneness and fulfillment.

2 thoughts on “God At Eventide – August 27”

  1. Hello Carol, I very much enjoy and look forward to your daily devotionals from two listeners. I try to be positive and stay in God’s word but sometimes it is difficult. I am blind with no support around me to get me out to go places and though means to work from my Apple Computer at home or otherwise. This does leave me feeling very isolated and I fight those feelings daily and on the moment to moment basis what the word of God. I so desire to be in active and productive part of society and of God’s family. I have multiple chemical sensitivity he and could not tolerate any colognes, cleaning fluids any odorless chemicals etc. and the pollution is great to hear. I recently Los the remainder of my vision back in November 2015 and this has prevented me from getting out and going places on my own and getting assistance when I arrive at my destination. I have virtually been a shut in every since then. I listen to a lot of church programs and a lot of Christian audiobooks etc. but it’s not the same as being out in the world and socializing with others. I have not been able to find a church that I can tolerate the chemicals that are used or worn in such places. This leaves me feeling even more desperate and extremely isolated from the world. I cannot step out my door this pollution is so severe. Please pray for me, love in Christ, Ruth



    1. Ruth, we are praying for you! And asking all our Two Listeners community to pray for you as well.
      I will email you privately, so look for that in your inbox.
      Blessings to you and yours,


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