God At Eventide – Sept 9


September 9 – Thy Heart’s Desires

Pause upon the threshold of My House of plenty.

Pause in awe and in the joy of Worship.

He shall give thee thine heart’s desires. Give your desires themselves, conceived as they are in union with the Divine Spirit, and receive their fulfillment.

Know this and let your heart sing with the joy of this Wonder of Supply.

One thought on “God At Eventide – Sept 9”

  1. I had the book, “God Calling” in my hands, twenty years ago and alongside it “Letters of the Scattered Brotherhood” both compiled during the World War II era. Both were gifts from a friend. These books, along with one by Amado Nervo called “Plenitude” (from 1938: a translation from Spanish by Alfonso Teja Zabre) were life-changing experiences. These books offer words of wisdom that answer universal longings and provide spiritual courage for children of Light wading through the darks of these times we are now in.

    Just now, in the middle of the night, I remembered “The Two” and found this wonderful page! Thank you, Carol@TwoListeners. I gave my book away and now feel gladdened to find it again
    June Campbell Rose


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