God At Eventide – Sept 27


September 27 – My Striving Spirit

There is never a time when a man cannot turn repentant to Me and, craving My pardon, receive it.

But there is a time when I cease to be persistent in urging My follower to an action.

The human ear can hear a sound so often until it ceases to convey a meaning, to be heard with awareness.

So with the spirit-ear, unless the whole desire and effort is to carry out My plan, My servant may cease to hear, cease to be aware of My wish.

This is a grave spiritual danger, and I say unto you, watch and guard against it.

3 thoughts on “God At Eventide – Sept 27”

  1. Hmmm…admittedly my scope is somewhat limited, but I’ll give it a try: One who has known salvation is aware of God’s wish. This awareness remains embedded in the soul, even if one may lose sight of it for whatever reason…and while this may indeed result in danger, that experience in itself may be the necessary key to helping one regain that awareness. Thus, salvation is never really lost…God is always there for you.


  2. God’s warning of grave spiritual danger is worrisome because it means to me that one can lose their salvation. I would love to hear other’s thoughts on this.


    1. I think John MacArthur is a wonderful Bible teacher and preacher. I would encourage you to read his teaching on this subject from his website at http://www.gty.org/resources/positions/P07/is-your-salvation-secure
      The text here is taken from one of his books that might interest you for further study. Even so, there are many differing opinions on the subject. Scripture warns us of being lukewarm. We are given free will, which includes the choice to walk away from our salvation. Some study and time in prayer will lead you to what the Holy Spirit has for you on this. Whether the consequence we are being warned of is lost salvation or lost blessings or lost spiritual growth, I suspect none of us wants any of those things to happen in our journey with our Lord. I am praying for you as you dig further into this to see what the Holy Spirit has for you on the subject, to discover why He quickened this word for you in this moment in time. Scripture says He will teach us ALL things if we ask. May your search be blessed! Blessings to you and yours, Carol


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