God At Eventide – Sept 30


September 30 – The Future All Unknown

My Word shall be a lamp unto your feet, and a light unto your path. No difficulty need appall you. You are shown in all things what to do, but remember that the light must go with you. It is to warn, comfort, and cheer, not to reveal the future.

My servants do not need to know that. The true child-spirit rejoices in the present, and has no fears, no thought beyond it. So must you live.

If I, your Lord, accompany you, shedding My radiance all round you, the future must always be dark, because as far as your acceptance of revelation and your present development are concerned, I am not THERE.

But as the future of today becomes the present of tomorrow, then the same light and Guidance and Miracle-working Power will be yours. Rejoice evermore.