God At Eventide – October 25


October 25 – Fullness Of Joy

There is a Joy of My Kingdom that My followers may know, and that no shadow of the world’s pessimism can endanger. It resists all cramping of outward, soulless convention.

Too often My followers fail to see how full of Joy I could be. They see Me, the JESUS who beheld the city and wept over it, Who was so touched by the suffering all round Me, and they fail to realize how filled with Joy I could be at the response to My Call.

No shadow of the Cross could darken that Joy. I was as a bridegroom among the friends he had chosen to share his wedding joys.

As such I refused to consider the implied reproof of the Pharisees. We were a band filled with desire to save the world, we were full of hope and enthusiasm. Our Spirits could not be compressed into the outworn bottles of mere pharisaic convention. Ponder this and recognize your Master Who bids you Love and Laugh.