God At Eventide – November 1


November 1 – Joy in November

These things have I spoken . . . that your Joy may be full.

The hallmark of a true follower of Mine is Joy.

Not a surface pleasure at life’s happenings, a something that is reflected from without, but a welling up from within of that happiness that can only come from a heart at peace, secure in its friendship with Me.

Joy, strong and calm, attracts men to Me.

How many who claim Me Lord reflect a dull Christ, and wonder that the world turns rather to the glitter and tinsel of that world’s pleasures.

Truly My followers deny Me in so doing.  I am a Glorified Christ.  A Christ of Triumphant Conquest.

Alas!  My followers point too often to the grave-clothes of the tomb.  Still learn to love and laugh.