November 4 – I Am Beside You


November 4 – I Am Beside You

In thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there
are pleasures for evermore.      – Psalm 16:11

Do not seek to realize this fullness of Joy as the result of effort.  This cannot be, any more than Joy in a human friend’s presence would come as the result of trying to force yourself to like to have that friend with you.

Call often My Name, “Jesus.”

The calling of My Name does not really summon Me.  I am beside you.  But it removes, as it were, the scales from your eyes and you see Me.

It is, as it were, the pressure of a loved one’s hand, that brings an answering pressure, and a thrill of Joy follows, a real, and a joyful sense of nearness.

Restore unto me the joy of thy salvation; and
uphold me with thy free Spirit.  Psalm 51:12

One thought on “November 4 – I Am Beside You”

  1. Nobody can imagine what I feel in getting God calling on a daily basis. As I said, I have had God at Eventide but not God Calling. There was a glimpse of it by the title. Now it is not imagination. It is a reality. Oh, what a joy!


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