November 5 – Second Advent


November 5 – Second Advent

Jesus, Comforter of all the sorrowing, help us to bring Thy comfort into every heart and life to which Thou art longing to express that comfort through us.  Use us, Lord.  The years may be many or few.  Place us where we can best serve Thee, and influence most for Thee.

The world would be brought to Me so soon, so soon, if only all who acknowledged Me as Lord, as Christ, gave themselves unreservedly to be used by Me.

I could use each human body as mightily as I used My own human body as a channel for Divine Love and Power.

I do not delay My second coming.  My followers delay it.

If each lived for Me, by Me, in Me, allowing Me to live in him, to use him to express the Divine through him, as I expressed it when on earth, then long ago the world would have been drawn to Me, and I should have come to claim My own.

So seek, My children, to live, knowing no other desire but to express Me, and to show My Love to your world.

He must increase, but I must decrease.
John 3:30

2 thoughts on “November 5 – Second Advent”

  1. Give yourself first to the Word. For the Holy Spirit points only and always to the Word. Spirit without the Word is like water without a container, that is wasted and sinks into the dirt. The True Holy Spirit does not seek its own way, but the Life of the Father within the Son. The discipline of the Word protects the Holy Spirit in all ways.


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