God At Eventide – November 7


November 7 – Lost Opportunities

Think of one who has wrought great evil in the world or in your own life.  Then remember there may have been the time when a simple act of obedience to Me by one who crossed his path might have corrected and shown him his wrong before evil mastered him.

Many a sin unconquered, an evil occurrence, could well be traced back to a lack of obedience, perhaps in years long past, of one who professed to serve Me.

Remember this in speaking to those who judge Me by the evil they feel I permit in the world.  For yourself now, dwell not on the past, but dwell more with Me, that in future there be no sins of omission or commission.

3 thoughts on “God At Eventide – November 7”

  1. Many times, the content of the Message agrees with the Reality. For example many many years ago on August 10th, when the title is : «GLAD SURPRISE», my sister who was kidnaped, came back the same day. Even on 6th November 2016, I was listening to an exhotation whose topic was «THE KEY IS NOT KNOWLEDGE, THE KEY IS OBEDIENCE» God at Eventide and God Calling are really inspired by the Spirit of God.


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