God At Eventide – November 9

God Calling

November 9 – The Glowing Heart

Think of the walk to Emmaus, think of the feast of Revelation that followed, of the understanding Friendship that was the result.  How much I, their Lord, their Risen Lord, had explained to My two disciples during that walk.  So much that was mystery to them became clear as we went along the way.

Yet not as their Master did I become known, until in the Breaking of Bread I revealed Myself.  In speaking of Me afterwards they said, “Did not our hearts burn within us when He talked with us by the way?”

So do not fret if all that I can be to you is not yet revealed.  Walk with Me, talk with Me, invite Me to be your guest, and leave to Me My moment of self-Revelation.  I want each day to be a walk with Me.

Do you not feel, even now, your hearts burn within you, as if with the glow of anticipation?