God At Eventide – November 16


November 16 – All Are Worthy

Treat all as those about whom I care.

You would visit the poor, the sick or those in prison, knowing full well I would see it as done unto Me.

I want you now to go still further along the way of my Kingdom.  You contact many who are not poor, not sick, not in prison.

They may be opposed to you.  They may disregard much that you consider of value, they may not seem to need your help.  Can you treat these, too, as you would wish to treat Me? They may be in need greater than the others you long to aid.

To you their aims may seem unworthy, their self-seeking may antagonize you.  When I said, “Judge not,” was I not including them too?

Can you limit My words to suit your own inclinations?

This is not an easy task I set you, but your way is the Way of Obedience.  I did not suggest to My followers one they could take or not as they willed.  My “Judge not” was imperative, and a new commandment I gave unto them that they should love.

For those who do not yet name Me Lord, Love is the only magnet that will draw them to Me.

Be true, be strong, be loving.