November 23 – Earth’s Furies


November 23 – Earth’s Furies

In the world ye shall have tribulation; but be of good cheer;
I have overcome the world.        John 16:33

Then you may ask why have you, My children, to have tribulation if I have overcome the world.

My overcoming was never, you know, for Myself, but for you, for My children. Each temptation, each difficulty, I overcame as it presented itself.

The powers of evil were strained to their utmost to devise means to break Me.  They failed, but how they failed was known only to Me, and to My Father, who could read My undaunted spirit.  The world, even My own followers, would see a Lost Cause. Reviled, spat upon, scourged, they would deem Me conquered.  How could they know My Spirit was free, unbroken, unharmed?

And so, as I had come to show man God, I must show him God unconquered, unharmed, untouched by evil and its power. Man could not see My Spirit untouched, risen above these earth furies and hates, into the Secret Place of the Father. But man could see My Risen Body and learn by that, that even the last attempt of man had been powerless to touch Me.

Take heart from that, for you must share My tribulations. If evil is to leave you unchallenged you must be evil.  If evil challenges you, if trials press sore,  it is because you are on My side, and, as My friends, exposed to the hate of evil.

But be of good cheer.  You walk with Me.  I conquered evil at every point, though man could only see it proved beyond doubt when I rose from the dead.  And in My conquering Power you walk unharmed today.

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested, 
that he might destroy the works of the devil.   1 John 3:8

7 thoughts on “November 23 – Earth’s Furies”

  1. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading God Calling for almost 8 years. It has helped me get through some really dark times in my life. In reading today’s devotional something struck me where it says “…you must be evil”. Not sure if this is a typo but I checked the book and quite a bit was added to this day’s message. 😕


    1. Stacy,
      Thanks so much for your note. I compared the post from today to several printed versions, and I can see the part you are talking about in the last two paragraphs. It is not included in the newest version of the book, so I have edited the page on the website. It’s too late to edit today’s post, but next year it will be revised.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to write a note!

      Blessings to you and yours this day and always,


      1. First of all, thank you, ma’am, for your faithfulness in continuing to make this available online. I purchased God Calling 15 years ago, and the whole text is in my copy. Why edit out what was previously there? Just because some modern editor got uncomfortable with the seeming implications of what the Lord said is no reason to do so. Many Bible translations obscure the truth for this same reason.


        1. Joseph,

          Thanks for coming back with your reply. Does your copy have all the text that was in the original post? Can you give me the year yours was published? I would very much like to stay with the original transcript if possible. That can be difficult sometimes with multiple publishers printing the material over the past 80+ years.

          Blessings to you and yours,


          1. Thank you, Carol, for your kind words. All of the text in your original post is in my copy. My copy is copyrighted 1953 Arthur James Limited. I see 1973 as well for publishing.
            When I initially found your site in 2010, I checked the online text against what was printed in my copy. Other than several typographical errors, I found it to be consistently faithful to what I had. As far as omissions in newer editions go, it appears that there are still those who seek to protect people from the word of God.
            Thanks again for your diligence in providing this service to the Body of Messiah.


            1. Thanks for your confirmaation. I will change the text back. Our original volunteer typist for the content was Esther, a quadriplegic who “typed” the text using voice recognition software to dictate the text. We had a number of “sound alike” typos in the early days. Esther has since moved to our Father’s house in heaven. Her untold hours of work are a living legacy of her deep and abiding love of Jesus. Ten years later her work continues to bless many people in twenty nations around the world.

              Thank you for your time in checking the text. Blessings to you and yours this day and always, Carol


  2. I quoted John 16:33 to someone yesterday as an explanation for a conundrum. But afterwards my question was the same as the one the Lord says we will ask in this teaching. When I saw that this was the teaching for today, the Lord said, “You see: I’m listening.” But after reading it (as I have many times before), I said to Him, “You still didn’t answer the question.”
    He replied: “You see that you have a bond with those who share your upbringing, and that others who do not share your upbringing lack immediate understanding of your situation. If you suffer with Me, you shall reign with Me. Can I have a Bride who does not share My pain? Shall she lack immediate understanding of My heart? Many have chosen to abandon the hard Way. But those who do not stop shall know joy that can be known no other way.”
    Take heart, fellow disciples. Though it sometimes seems unbearable, we are not being harmed, not really.


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