God At Eventide – November 25


November 25 – Green Pastures

Walk in My Pastures.  The eye will be rested and the spirit restored by the soft green of their verdure.  The ear soothed and then enchanted by the sound of My Waters of Comfort.

No stones will impede your progress.

The soft haze over all will speak of unrevealed mysteries, while the wonder of life about you will tell of My ever-active, creative, and protective Power, and you will be filled with a content that will merge into a strange yearning for a spirit-oneness with Me.

Then — you will know I am there.

4 thoughts on “God At Eventide – November 25”

  1. Get well, Carol. Thanks for being as faithful as you can. I had also noticed a missing day. Glad to hear all is well and you are recovering.


  2. I check my email every morning going first to my Two Listeners. This morning it was not there I felt like a lost child and prayed that when I checked back there would be my daily Listeners God answered my Prayer I thank You so much for this site May God bless You and Yours


    1. I am so sorry yesterday’s was missing and today’s was late. I took an unfortunate fall, and have been down and out a few days. But I am back to the routine of posting, and am preloading for December. I am ever so grateful for no broken bones or lasting injuries. And for our Two Listeners community for your grace and notes.

      Blessings to you and yours this day and always,


    2. Thank You for Your reply, You are in our prayers and from the bottom of my heart I thank You so much for all You put into this, You are an Angel, God Bless tom


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