God Calling – April 13


April 13 – Gentle With All

Love and laugh. Make your world the happier for your being in it. Love and rejoice on the gray days.

There are wilderness days for My Disciples as well as Mountains of Transfiguration, but on both it is duty, persistently, faithfully done, that tells.

Be gentle with all. Try to see the heart I see, to know the pain and difficulty of the other life, that I know. Try, before you interview anyone, or speak to anyone, to ask Me to act as interpreter between you two.

Just live the spirit of prayer. In speaking to Me, you find soul-rest. Simple tasks, faithfully done and persisted in, bring their own reward, and are mosaics being laid in the pavement of success.

Welcome all who come here. I love you.

“Let love be without dissimulation.”
Romans 12:9

2 thoughts on “God Calling – April 13”

  1. I am one of a team of four who is caring for my elderly father with Rapidly Progressing Dementia. Every day can be filled with the mundane. Today I will ask Jesus to walk with me and will cherish every moment with my dad.


    1. Blessings to you and your care-giving team as you walk a very difficult path. This care is truly an expression of the love of Christ, and undoubtedly touches hearts of observers around you, taking in your testimony and witness. Actions always speak louder than words. Carol


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