God At Eventide – May 10


May 10 – Talk To Me

Talk to Me about the world’s misunderstanding of Me.  Tell Me that your Love will seek to comfort Me for that.  Tell Me your life shall be devoted to bringing about an understanding between Me and those you meet who love Me not.

As one who knows a prisoner has been wrongly convicted  devotes a lifetime to the vindication of that loved one’s name,  and counts all the trials and troubles, misunderstandings, and hardships encountered in so doing as nothing, so that his object is accomplished — let it be thus with you, longing to make Me known.

4 thoughts on “God At Eventide – May 10”

  1. By the grace of Almighty God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit I entered a new way of life In recovery from a fatal addiction. On my second Anniversary in 1971, two friends in my 12 Step Fellowhip group gave me me God Calling. It became a vital part of my daily prayer & meditation every day since. Years later, because of your service & love I found the sequel by these same two Oxford Group women. I now make them both a part of my conscious contact with God and look forward to hearing from Him in this way today and each today. Thank You – Jimmy D ( SD – 7/31/1969)


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